Skyler is a certified recording engineer and producer through Avid/Pro Tools. He studied songwriting at Berklee School of Music and has advanced to writing with major labels and artists. Some of which include: APG, Atlantic Records, Flyte Tyme, and Sony ATV. Skyler integrates his passion to create music that is personal and reflective of his clients emotions and artistry.

Just like his songwriting, Skyler puts the same passion into artist development. He believes an artist’s look and sound should reflect the true person they are, and strives to dive deep to let his clients grow into their authentic artist.

At a young age Skyler is successfully working in the music industry. From working with major labels to walking the red carpet at the Grammys. His young age allows him to work well with clients of any age, and his passion and training allow him to transform his clients into artists.

He is most known as an influencer from his constant controversial performances, guest appearances on the Dallas House Wives, and edgy raw lyrics. “Holy Love” his debut Ep is set to release 2021. This storyboarded EP includes his most anticipated single “Holy Love” that he wrote and produced himself.

“I found a cure to the cancer. I’m bi-polar 1 and music heals me so I want to share that healing with the world”

states Skyler Hunter in his most recent press release. Skyler Hunter’s transparency and candid lifestyle has turned his music into a brand. A brand with a story told through the narrative of Skyler Hunter’s life. 

Skyler has also worked as a songwriter and songwriting instructor for the past 4 years. He has worked with ages from 5 to 70 and works effortlessly with all backgrounds.